deedee deGelia is a New York based photographer, she grew up and studied in Austin and went on to a career in business within the film industry.  Following a lucrative professional career, deedee decided to nourish and expand her creative vision.  In 2004, she left the corporate world behind to pursue her art with a fully realized passion.

She graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography, often earning recognition for creating thought-provoking work.

Publishing credits are Rizzoli Publishing, Food and Wine Magazine, Lonely Planet Publications, Getty Images, Mood Board London, Los Angeles Times, Montecito Journal, and Musee Magazine.

deedee's work has been shown in museums and galleries throughout California and New York, and is part of numerous private collections.

Her intererst in documentary work is seen when she served as producer and photographer in the production China:  A Will to Rise, which covered five weeks in China's Sichuan province capturing daily life within urban and rural cities.  She is now in production on a documentary featuring Cuban Artists living in Cuba and in exile.